Electric Vans in London

We are passionate about green transport and utility vehicles.

Starting back in 2007 with the Aixam Mega range, we were one of the first London companies to offer an alternative to conventional internal combustion engine vans. Since then we have moved onto the wider range of Polaris Work and Transport vehicles covering a host of applications and industries.

Still true to our roots, we continue to maintain and service hundreds of Aixam Mega City and 600 electric vans throughout London and the south east. Whether you need to hire a van for an event, are looking for a new unit for site maintenance or need a bespoke solution we have it covered.

From road-going hybrid and electric delivery vans to warehouse and parks maintenance units, the Polaris range is engineered to be the perfect partner for any fleet.

Electric van G5

Why not have a browse through our range of vehicles below? Or for more technical information on the Polaris range take a look at the Polaris brochure here.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements or to arrange a free on-site demonstration.

Benefits of using electric vans:

1. Clean and economical

Electric vans are clean and economical

2. Cheaper running costs

Electric vans have a low running cost and you pay no local charges

3. Multiple options

There are loads of different options for you to choose from

Take a look at the Polaris range we can offer you:


Electric G1

Electric Groupil G3

Groupil G5 electric van

Goupil G1 Electric Vans

Excellent for carrying passengers or small burdens

Goupil G3 Electric Vans

The G3 is the perfect on-site utility vehicle - take a look at the range here

Goupil G5 Electric Vans

Take a look at the G5 range and what it offers

Polaris GEM eM1400-box-sides

Aixam Mega box van

Gem light utility vehicles

The Gem is the perfect off-road light utility vehicle for all tasks

Aixam Mega electric vehicles

Aixam Mega vans and cars are perfect for events and getting around town

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If you want to hire anything in our electric range, just call us. If you want to know more about our range of electric vans, simply click on the relevant image. Otherwise call us and we can talk you through all the options.